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   A.S.D. Fontanafredda

  Founded in 1921, A.S.D. Fontanafredda is not only a soccer club, but also a symbol of the Fontanafredda community. We are proud of our long and rich history, full of unforgettable victories and intense emotions. Our passion for soccer, team spirit and steadfast determination are what set us apart.

  The A.S.D. Fontanafredda team is a group of talented players who share a common love of soccer. We support their development and strive for the best results.

  Our community of supporters is our greatest treasure. It is thanks to their steadfast support, loyalty and passion that we have managed to overcome numerous challenges.

  At A.S.D. Fontanafredda, soccer is more than a game - it's our life. Join us and discover the beauty of our game, the intensity of emotion and the power of being part of the A.S.D. Fontanafredda community.

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